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Admissions are open for Playgroup, Nursery, Junior kg and Senior kg at Redbricks Junior. There are no formal written or oral tests for admission to Redbricks Junior- admission is on a first-come basis and subject to availability of seats. An interaction of the child and parents with the principal will be required before affirming the admission. Students can pursue their further study with Redbricks School (Affiliated with CISCE BOARD. Projected Affiliation with CIE Board) for Class 1 up to Class 12 after Redbricks Junior. Admission to the school is guaranteed if the child is in the pre-school, subject to fulfillment of the transfer fee requirements and necessary academics.

You may contact the admissions counselor through phone or by making a personal visit to our admissions office (Redbricks Junior-Satellite) to receive more information about the admission process and the school.
Redbricks Junior, Satellite Branch,
Ashok Nagar Bungalows 1.3 & 4,
Behind Sundervan, Satellite,
Ahmedabad – 15, India
Ph: +91 79 26925625, Mob: + 91 9979500003
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