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Learning always happens in the context of a culture. Children learn and imbibe values from the environment around them. We believe that it is important for our school to create a vibrant learning community, where thinking of all forms is valued, and participation and collaboration are more important than competition. Our team of teachers and entire staff contribute towards the building such a positive culture, where each child is highly valued and encouraged to maximize his/her own potential.

We believe that, Learning happens collectively in a culture of nurture, thinking and mutual respect, where each child is at the center of the learning process. Our teachers see their role as facilitators in each child’s learning process with a much larger focus of developing the whole child rather than only delivering concepts to a child. Accordingly, our classrooms maintain small class sizes and optimum teacher-student ratios.

As a fabric of our culture, we also hold a belief in the role of parents and the larger community as powerful educators. To a great extent, we all are life-long learners and we all continuously gain knowledge and insights from each other. We believe that real learning happens through a partnership between the teachers, students, parents and the community at large. As a school, we try to create multiple opportunities for parents and the community to be a part of our academic program.
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