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Assessment at Redbricks is 'for the child',
and not 'of the child'
Marks and examinations are not appropriate tools for assessing a child in her tender preschool years. The purpose of assessment is for the teachers and parents to track each child’s development in order to help her overcome weaknesses and develop further in all the areas. Generally, assessment can be of two types- Formative and Summative. Summative assessment is usually done through paper-pencil tests and examinations, and has marks/grades associated to the results. Formative assessment can be done in a variety of ways through natural observations of the child, checklists, projects, portfolios, etc. It does not have marks associated to it but gives a detailed idea about the child’s learning and development. Continuous and Formative assessment is an important tool for assessing young children.

At Redbricks Junior, we conduct and record ongoing observations of each child’s development and progress. Projects and activities conducted throughout the year help the teachers to observe and record the child’s development in different areas. We have developed criteria called Rubrics for assessing children based on the age appropriate developmental milestones for each class. The rubrics help to assess the holistic development of each child throughout the academic year. Our assessment is based on multiple observations of the child across a variety of activities making it a true reflection of the child’s overall progress. Through monthly parent-teacher meetings and half-yearly report card sharing, parents and teachers discuss the observations recorded and rubric assessment results of each child while developing strategies for her further development.
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